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Monday, April 1, 2013

Graduation Dresses for your Daughters

Graduation Day! 

It’s that time of year to celebrate an important milestone in your daughter’s life. Whether she’s graduating from kindergarten or preschool, one of the things that will make the day more special is the perfect graduation dress. We have a big selection of dresses with different styles to choose from that will fit perfectly for your daughter. Comfort ability with style is what we offer from our stylish outfits that will definitely make your kid look her best all day.

Choose a beautiful graduation dress from our fabulous graduation collections for your daughter. Here's a preview for you:

Black Sleeveless Bodice with Dark Red Satin Skirt
Black Sleeveless Bodice with Dark Red Satin Skirt
List Price: $65.00
Our Price: $44.99
You save $20.01!

  • Tissue cut rose pattern finish on the bodice
  • Detachable Swarovski crystal as brooch on the waist
  • Available in girls' size 2 to 14
She will love the soft, flowing fabric whether it’s long or short, embellished or just plain and simple.

Be sure to find the perfect dress for the perfect day! Visit www.elitedresses.com for more.

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