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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Return Shipping - Should We?

Best Value with a great customer experience, or the cheapest price?

Our goal with EliteDresses is to offer the best value to our customers. If a customer wants a cheap dress with lousy quality, and don't even get me going on late dresses and bad customer communication, they should buy else where. Our goal is to offer the best value for our customers. The question is should offering a return shipping label or not.

I have very mixed feelings on offering a return label for shipping. The headache is shipping is not free. If a customer got free shipping for their order assume our cost is $10, and then it would be another $10 for a return shipping label, plus the labor, and credit card fees. The end result is we just lost $25 on that order. The current return policy is we will refund the initial shipping, if another order is placed to be fair. Many competitors don't even have an 800 Telephone Number!

For other sites that offer free returns, they are really not free. What I see from the competitors is:
  • Higher prices of at least $10 per dress.
  • Add a return fee - 15% seems to be standard.
  • Add a bunch of mickey mouse restrictions.
  • Super short return period - we do 30 days.
If the return is our fault such as a quality issue or we gave you the wrong sizing information if you gave us the measurements, we will supply a return label. We work very hard on our quality process to make sure that you get the perfect dress.

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