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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Toilet Paper Roll Crafts for Earth Month

It’s Earth month! And what better way to help mother earth than to reduce, reuse and recycle trash at home. We have a lot of trash at home and maybe we can do fun things with them instead of just throwing them straight to the trash can. 

Lately, I found very interesting things that you can do with Toilet Paper rolls! It’s interesting because you can have fun with your kids while doing it or make it an activity for them to keep them busy (and another way to teach them on recycling trash). Here are some of the toilet paper roll crafts you can do:

1.)    TP Tube Bracelets (Something you and your daughter will love)
What you need: toilet paper rolls, paint, scrap paper/magazine pages (optional), clothespin, glue and design materials (beads, ribbons, buttons, etc)
How to do it: Cut tubes about 2 inches wide then cut a slit in each one (so it looks like a C). Paint tubes or glue down scraps of paper or magazine pages. Hold tubes together with clothespins and let dry. Lastly, decorate with beads, buttons, ribbons and other designs to make it a very fun, personalized tube bracelets.

2.)    TP Music Shaker (fun for kids)
What you need: toilet paper rolls, paint, uncooked pasta/rice, duct or masking tape.
How to do it: Paint the toilet paper roll and let dry. Put the pasta/rice inside the roll and tape the ends. Whala! Instant music shaker.

3.)    TP Puppets
What you need: toilet paper rolls, cartoon character pictures, tape or glue.
How to do it: Very easy! Just cut out the cartoon character pictures removing the background then tape it to the TP rolls. You can even use family pictures to make it even more personalized.

4.)    TP Bowling pins
 Use the same instructions as TP Puppets above and just grab a ball and knock as many down as possible.

5.)    TP Kids Binoculars
What you need: Toilet paper rolls, felt paper, glue, string and rubber band.
How to do it: Cover the TP roll with felt paper, glue and trim off excess. Repeat with other roll. Glue the two together side-by-side to look like binoculars. Lastly, Punch a hole in each side to attach a string to wear around your kid’s neck.

Not only did you contribute on recycling for Mother Earth, you also had fun with your kids!

Happy Earth month! If you have more great ideas, comment below!


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