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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Graduation Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a great graduation gift to your child? Or to someone close to you?
Since graduation is a well-earned accomplishment for many, a gift that is memorable and from the heart is a great way to show them how important they are to you.
Here are a few cool and simple gift ideas to give to your graduate:

  1. A Scrapbook of Photos
Assemble a scrapbook full of pictures and memories of your graduating child or loved one. Make sure you highlight their special accomplishments. You can include some of their homeworks with a high grade or projects that you can paste on the scrapbook.

  1. Gift Basket
Create a basket full of things that the graduate loves or will be able to use as they move on. Include school supplies, candies , chocolates or other yummy treats, an organizer or diary, a picture of the two of you, a memorabilia from the school she/he’s graduating from, etc. Be creative. You can even put a poem or a little speech/advice for them.

  1. Hand-Painted shirt
Make your own masterpiece for your graduate to wear or keep as a memorabilia. You can put a little message like “Congratulations” or “You made it”. Have fun and be creative in painting the shirt. Make it colorful and fashionable. Even if it ends up as a pajama top, your little graduate will surely smile every time she remembers the gift. 
  1. Personalized Graduation Chocolates
Buy bars of chocolate and remove the wrapper then replace it with your own printed wrapper with your graduation message or a picture of the graduate. It will look like special made-to-order chocolates just for him/her.

  1. Graduation Fund Bottle
If your graduate is a bit older, you can give him/her a graduation fund bottle. It’s basically an empty coke bottle (or any clear bottle) with money inside to start his/her funds for college. Don’t forget to replace the logo with a special message for your graduate.
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