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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

American Wedding Traditions: Which of Them Do You Practice?

Today, I am writing about American wedding traditions and customs. I am very curious about this topic and would want to know more about it. I would appreciate any input from you too!

These are the American wedding traditions I now of:
  • Something old, something new
  • Veils and Bridesmaids
  • Throwing Rice
  • Throwing the Bouquet, Catching the garter
  • Flower Girl and Ring Boy
  • Unity candles as part of the wedding ceremony
  • Slicing the cake and drinking of wine
  • Releasing Doves
  • Last dance of the bride with her father

Do you have something more in mind? Please do share and explain how it  is done :) You can also read more about the article I wrote on this here.

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