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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Baby Christening, What's It All About?

 If you are invited to be a godparent to a child via a baby christening, you might want to know more about it. Or perhaps you're a parent of a new born baby wondering about how to go about Christening. This blog post is about baby Christening & Baptism. 

Christening & Baptism are both religious ceremonies either Catholic or Christian. These ceremonies are decided by the parents which strongly discusses the way the child will be brought up in terms of religion and faith. 

By belief & practice Catholic & Christian children are christened or baptized as early as 1 month old. Some Catholic priests I talked to said that according to some traditional belief, the earliest the baby is baptized the better because he or she will receive God's blessings and no harm shall come to the defenseless baby. But in practice, there's no age limit on who can apply for Christening and Baptism.

 Baby Christening is indeed a milestone for your family. It is a grand celebration for most and every tiny bit of details are taken cared of. 

First off is choosing the god parents and how many. Usually it's a pair but there are also parents who chooses to have at least 3 pairs. The more god parents, the better. Since the role of the godparents is to help the parents guide the child to grow in faith and love.

Second, applying for your baby's christening or baptism in the nearest parish. Check your parish or pastor about the requirements, fees and schedule. They might also have special needs for the ceremony like are you suppose to provide your own candle? How many?

Third, Christening gowns or Baptism Dresses. Ask your parish priest or pastor if they allow Ivory or Cream as the color of the baby christening dress. Decide whether you want a traditional or modern style Christening gown.  

Everyone loved the outfits! Both are from Elite Dresses. The twins, Sarah and Nathan, are 10 months in this pic.
Thanks so much!

White Pants Christening Set for Boys with Stole and Pretty Satin Christening Gown  

Fourth, After Christening events. Are you planning for a grand celebration or a simple get together with close family & friends. 

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