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Thursday, September 26, 2013

How To Keep Your Flower Girls Happy During Your Wedding

Brides would want their flower girls happy during the big W-day. Keep them little cute buggers occupied and feel important so they don't throw tantrums during the ceremony and during the reception. 

Here are some ideas that you can do to keep your flower girls happy:

1. Ask the parents of your flower girls to make sure the girls had a nice nap or sleep the night before. Even how fun the things you prepare for your flower girl, if she's sleepy and tired, it won't be any good.

2. Feed them! Provide finger food during the ceremony- just make sure it's not messy so you don't end up having chocolate covered flower girls or chocolate painted flower girl dress!

3. During rehearsal make sure your flower girls feel special and explain to them how important their role is. They'll do well when they feel they have an important task.

4. During reception, you can provide a mini children's room for them where you put toys and activities for them while the adults are celebrating with you. It would be nice to commission someone to look after the kids. 

5. Provide coloring materials or arts&craft activities for them too. Literally keep them busy!

Although I know that if your flower girl is too cute, you wouldn't mind being over run by them, like this flower girl who stole the spotlight

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