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Monday, July 7, 2014

Wedding Costs Today, Vs. the 1930's

My wedding was done on a budget 20+  years ago, so I have a hard time relating to the cost of a wedding today. My daughter wants a big wedding.

 I was still in school when I got married, and my husband had just started a new job after finishing school that was not paying the greatest. My biggest regret on the wedding, was not having a professional photographer. I look at my friends pictures of their weddings, and I am envious. The reception was held in a hall at the church, and my husband's family helped with the food. The cake was baked by the wedding coordinator, and it was a Carrot Cake with real butter frosting that was delicious!

I wonder how realistic the costs are from the study in the 1930's. I was just talking to my Mother-in-law, and getting some oral family history on weddings. Her Mother got married in the US in 1939, when the US was just coming out of a depression. It was held in her sister's back yard, and it was immediate family only. His other Grandmother was married during WW 2. A friend of the family, who lived with her Mother saved money by actually handing out the invitations by hand.

I am surprised at the cost of a suit in the 1930's in today's dollars, $750. I guess the difference is today, you would rent a suite, and then it was probably custom made.

How much would you spend on your bridal dress? Probably the same as your GREAT-GRANDMOTHER: The surprising history of wedding costs since the 1930s - Daily Mail UK

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