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Friday, April 17, 2015

Party Girl Dresses - Professional Vs. Home Made Banner

Professional Vs. Home Made Banners? 

Which one won?

New Banner:

For our party girls page, I recently got a professionally done banner by an amazing Graphic Artist / Web designer. ABlank Studios. The owner does A+ work.

The banner is beautifully done, and full of color and images, and tells you its for a party. There are even balloons across the top!

Previous Banner:

The current party girls banner was done by Jocelyn Spears who used to work with us, before she went back to school full time.  This banner has actual customer pictures in it, not professional models. The pictures are amazing, and communicate so much positive emotion. I deeply appreciate their parents's permission to use their photo.

The banner I regard as more minimalist than the professional one. The design is strikes me as more classic in design and not as busy.


The customer picture banner did better than the other banner. The page is a challenging one to work with, because Elitedresses sells girls dresses, basically for girls under age 14. Our biggest selling sizes is size 6-10. But, the word girls can also apply to women over 18.

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