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Monday, July 13, 2015

Summer weddings and flower girl dresses

Summer weddings and flower girls dresses

What You Need to Consider When Selecting Flower Girl Dresses for Summer Weddings

As you plan your summer wedding, every detail is a reflection of your personality. From the decorations to the bridesmaids’ dresses, each element should come together into a cohesive design. However, as you make your selections, you also need to be practical about the season, and select things that will actually work in reality, not just in your vision. In terms of both the bridesmaids and flower girl dresses, you have to look past color and style, and consider how both the dress and the wearer will hold up in real-world conditions. Here are some tips for selecting the best dresses for the season:

  • Pay attention to the materials—That beautiful dress you love may be sleeveless, but its velvet skirt will have your poor flower girl breaking out in a heat rash before you snap the first picture. You need to look past the cut and design of a dress, and consider how the materials will affect the comfort of your wedding party during this warm season. Flowers girls are especially sensitive to heat discomfort, and you may end up with a tantrum that was completely avoidable.

  • Be realistic—We know what you’re thinking…your wedding is indoors, so the dress style and material shouldn’t matter. However, your wedding party will still be exposed to the elements as they travel to and from venues, and may quickly sweat through a poorly-chosen dress. Furthermore, even air-conditioned venues heat up quickly when you add a large crowd, so a breathable, comfortable dress will keep everyone, especially your flower girl, cool and happy.

  • Give your flower girl equal consideration—Some brides give plenty of time and consideration to their bridesmaids’ dress comfort, yet then select a flower girl dress solely on appearance. Don’t treat your flower girl like an accessory; she deserves to have a dress that is seasonally appropriate.

  • Throw convention into the wind—Summer is a time for all colors. You aren’t bound by any seasonal palette, so select the colors that mean the most to you.

  • Just remember, when selecting any apparel for a summer wedding, you always want to factor in how your selections will hold up to real-world conditions. When you balance your vision with reality, you will end up with the beautiful and stress-free wedding.

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