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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Airbrushed Photo's Backlash

A scary article about The Backlash Against Magazine Airbrushing | Newsweek Enterprise: Global Business | Newsweek.com. So basically every model you see in a magazine has been changed, so they are no longer real Great quote: "Those young kids looking at the magazines, they're dreaming of something that doesn't exist," says Philippe Paschkes, a Manhattan stylist and makeup artist who has worked in the industry for 30 years.

Photoshop is so seductive. To fix the red eye in a family photo is seen as a fix, not changing the photo. The question is when does it become deceptive? With Girl's Dress Photo's the color is so important. The problem is it's hard to capture the exact color. It varies depending on the lighting and some cameras are better than others at taking photos. A sage girl's dress is hard to capture that it's a soft green. I don't even want to talk about Organza, and trying to capture the fine net in a photo. Dusty Rose is another challenging color to capture. And then people's monitors show colors a little bit differently! I do adjust the color to make it as true as possible.

I have learned so much about photo's and I have actually gotten compliments on my photography. I like to get as many photos as possible of a dress on the product page, so it shows all the details.

When EliteDresses.com gets larger, I plan on asking Julie Diebolt Price to do the product photographs. She does beautiful work! www.jdpphotography.com 714.669.4537 and has a great tagline - "More Than Just a Shot in the Dark".

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