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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Graduation Notes

I went to Graduation at my daughter's school to help out the Booster Club. They had some reserve seats and needed people to help keep them for the people who had donated 90 or so hours to help out the school and the families. So I got to nicely ask people if they had a ticket. Most people were very nice about it, a few were rude (I feel sorry for them). On the plus side, there were these two twins that were so cute playing with their mother and grandmother! Oops, getting off topic again.

What I noticed was most of the parents and relatives were not dressed up, and neither were most of the kids. Most of the graduating students were wearing nice clothes, with the ladies wearing nice girl's party dresses. And many of them were still arriving after the graduation ceremony had already started! I was surprised, since to me it would be so important to be there for my daughter's graduation. They have worked so hard for this special day. I try so hard to be at all my daughter's concerts, recitals, and other events. Even the ones I get little notice about. The only one I could not make was the one my husband found out about 3 hours before the concert.

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