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Friday, June 6, 2008

Return Policy

My return policy is meant to be fair to both the customer and me. Returns are 100% guaranteed, but there is a time limit and some conditions. If it's my fault or manufacturers defect, I pay the shipping. Otherwise the customer does.

I will make exceptions to the return policy in order to be fair and get to a win win solution. My goal is not to act as a lawyer going 100% by what is written, but do what is right in order to provide great customer service! I enjoy shopping at places that provide great service on returns, such as Costco, but I do understand when they updated their computer return policy to 6 months because people were taking advantage of them (buy a computer, then return it in 2 years to get a new one - not very nice in my opinion).

My Experience:
I had some returns that were not fair, so I updated the return policy. This was after a customer waited several months to return a dress. Another time a customer returned a dress because their daughter had ripped it (so why should I bear the cost for this?). Then I had a person who stored the dresses because they got them on sale for two years, and after opening them had a manufacturing defect, so I replaced the dress at no cost since they did not know until their daughter had grown into the dress and tried it on. This was a sale when I was just starting, before I checked every one of those style for that defect before shipping.

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