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Sunday, April 26, 2009

One of these Attendants are not like the other...

Did you know ...

The custom of having bridesmaids all wearing similar dresses started from the need to have bride decoys at the wedding?

In the olden days, brides were far and few in between. Abduction of brides were a common event.

To prevent this, attendants of the bride wore similar dresses as the brides, and all are heavily veiled to throw kidnappers off as to who is the real bride.

These days, since kidnappings of brides are uncommon (and a crime, no less), there is no need for bridesmaids to dress alike.

Bridesmaids are now given the option to choose what style of dress they want to wear, as long as they have their bridesmaid dress in the same color and fabric as the wedding theme.

I don't know if there are brides out there that still require their bridesmaids to all dress alike. People may think of these pretty ladies wearing the same cut, color and fabric of dress -- not as bridesmaids -- but as the church choir instead? Just kidding :-)


Michelle said...

Wow, very interesting bit of history. I never knew this. Glad I didn't have to dress like my bridesmaids. LOL!

Lillian said...

LOl! We could say it's one of those things that time changes and of course we should be thankful for it! :)

Thanks for stopping by!