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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Flower Girl Keepsake Box

Flower girls have a special role in your wedding. She is the one that will happily strew your path with flowers as you walk towards your groom. Other than this, with your flower girl all pretty in her special dress and pretty flowers, your guests will also ooh-ah this special little member of your wedding party (and maybe even get a few pinched cheeks, ouch.). She should indeed get a special token of thank you from you and your groom for attending your wedding.

If you really want to say a special thank you for a special girl, why not present your appreciation in a box especially embellished for her? She will feel doubly special if she sees she has a box different from what the adults received. It can contain items or trinkets that she will enjoy after the wedding. If the box is pretty, maybe the box can be used to store some of her own special trinkets as she grows. Who knows? Maybe the box will outlast all the items you will place inside!

To make your flower girl her keepsake box, do prepare the following in advance.

1. Compile the items you want to get your flower girl. It doesn't have to be expensive or fancy. Ask her parents for stuff she will be delighted in, and in the process get clearance from the parents if you intend to give your flower girl something of value.

Some stuff you can get are : a little stuffed animal, books, pens, a small bag, little girl's accessories, maybe a dress(?) if you like. Some couples pick children's jewelry, like a pearl bracelet, or simple earrings. Include a small picture frame in your shopping.

2. Take her picture doing fittings, the dinner rehearsal. Place the photo in the picture frame if you want to give the box on the day of the wedding itself. If you want to send her a framed photo after the wedding, it's your call.

3. If your items are already complete, get a box that will fit all the items you will give. If you are artistically inclined, embellish the box with buttons, ribbons, craft decor and the like. Don't forget to put her name in big, bold bling so she'll know the box is especially for her. If you just like to get a pre-made pretty box, that is fine too.

4. Write a letter of thank you for her before the wedding.

5. Line the box with pretty tissue, tulle, maybe even add scented potpourri for an extra special touch. Place all the items in, including the thank you note.

6. Arrange for your wedding help to have the box available along with the other thank you presents.

If feel an embellished box isn't your thing, you can do the same but place items in a special, girly bag. It is easier to carry around after the wedding party. She can even use the bag later on for other activities.

Whatever container or trinkets you get, surely your little flower girl will enjoy receiving an extra treat, besides the thrill of dressing up for a wedding.

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