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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Shoes, Shoes, Shoeses

Remember how, in our little girl years, we used to feel something wasn't right when we had to dress up for a party and had to wear our school shoes? Especially for those who had to wear sturdy black shoes to school, this could pose a problem when wearing a white or pink party dress. For a little girl, black school shoes with a pretty dress just doesn't feel... right.

As moms now, if our little girl is to attend a formal event, and the budget can allow for some dress shoes, why not get some special footwear that can be used for party dresses?

Here are some types of dress shoes that little girls typically wear for special occassions. The materials commonly used for little girl's dress shoes are satin, velvet and patented leather.
  • Mary janes. Mary janes are the classic little girl shoes with a strap or two across the foot. My practical guess for this style being so classic is that mary jane shoes will rarely fall off or be left behind. Thus, it is also an ideal shoe for toddlers and babies. Mary janes these days come in a lot of styles and colors. Some have varying heel heights. For your little girl to be comfortable, pick the no/ low heeled style. Wear with socks or stockings.
  • Flats. Girly flat shoes are oh-so-pretty and perfect for partying. Littler girls can wear flat shoes as long as these fit snugly. When these are embellished with pretty bows, flowers or faux gems, flat shoes can be worn for weddings, recitals, etc.
  • Ballerina flats. Lightweight, flat shoes with tiny straps across, yes, looking like ballet shoes (only sturdy enough for wearing outside the dance studio) can also be worn for formal parties, depending on material and design. These kinds of shoes are very comfortable for young girls because of its weight.
  • Sandals are shoes that expose a lot of the feet. Can be strappy and have some heels. Sandals can be worn with formal dresses depending on the season, design of the shoe, and material used.
  • Wedges - Wedge shoes have heels from under the heel part, extending to the middle part of the shoes. Depending on the season and the design of the shoe, wedges can be worn with a party dress. Just keep the heel low for comfort
  • Kitten heels - are shoes with 1-2 inch heels. Your tween and young teen may like to wear kitten heels when attending weddings, recitals, and other formal occasssions.
Remember to pick shoes that are both pretty AND comfortable. Formal occassions are happy times and should not be ruined by whining cries of painful feet.

Wow, i never thought our hard-wire to shoes as adult women may have started during our little girl years. There are so many pretty dress shoes to choose from, it is a guarantee your little girl will like wearing it with her party dress.


Small Town Mommy said...

My kids are a little older and it is very hard to find dress shoes without heels. My daughter has higher heels than I wear because that was all we could find. I love Mary Janes, but they stop liking them around 4 year old (sigh).

Lillian said...

Oh yes, it's us mommies that like to wear the mary janes now. (since these also come in the nicest mommy styles -- for different occassions too.)

Thanks for dropping by, small town mommy :-)