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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pre-marriage prep from the Eskimos

I'd just like to share this, read about this from a book on wedding traditions around the world.

Did you know that Eskimos have a pre-wedding custom that is very practical and admirable?

For Eskimo couples who want to wed, the groom is required to either 1) stay at the bride-to-be's home and live with her family for a year. Or 2) he can send in advance a year's supply of food for the family.

I am particularly impressed with the wisdom behind no. 1. The reason for this custom is for the family to truly get to know the groom. It also lets the groom try how to be a family member with his bride's family. In parenthesis, the bride and groom also get to see each other in the true light of how it is to stay in one home. They will see how each one copes with family concerns, whether these be happy or problematic times. And since they are staying with the bride's family that can "supervise" them, it can be considered as "family life in training wheels".

I admire how this practice helps view potential marriage partners in a realistic light.

* * * *

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Small Town Mommy said...

That is a very interesting idea. It certainly gives the bride and groom a chance to get to know each other better.

Lillian said...

Yes. It's a wonder sometimes that the most primitive idea is the most sensible.

Thanks for coming by :)