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Friday, May 1, 2009

MayDay is the Start of Summer

May has started! Summer is here…

Worldwide, May 1 is recognized as International Labor Day. Some celebrate May 1 as the day of Beltane.

Others mark May 1 as the end of spring, and therefore the start of summer. (Thus, summer solstice, or June 15, is the middle of summer or “Midsummer Day.”

Our world is having growing pains, and the weather and seasons aren’t as uniform as they used to, but you can still generally expect warmer temperatures.

When attending summer parties or events, your little girl will be comfortable in a sleeveless dress. Sleeveless Ao Dai (Vietnamese dress) is also an excellent party dress, and very flattering. Bring along a wrap or cute jacket in case the summer weather turns wonky. And since light colored fabrics absorb less heat, pastel dresses are more comfortable than dark colored ones.

If you like, wear a sleeveless dress with your daughter so you too can feel comfortable when the heat turns up.

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