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Friday, May 22, 2009

American Wedding Customs and Traditions Part 2

Bridal Bouquet

The type of flowers the bride clutches during the wedding ceremony signify her emotions towards the marriage(Mine's orange tulips and star gazers, what's yours? And do you know that you can now preserve your bouquet?).

In olden times, the bridal bouquet has herbs and spices instead of lowers. It was believed that these strongly aromatic plants will ward off evil spirits intent on possessing the bride(and make your groom sneeze..kidding!).

At present there are a lot of designs of bouquet the bride may decide to clutch throughout the ceremony. Some bouquets are cascading(which I think is becoming out of date), others are pomander balls, some wrapped in delicate fabric. The designs are endless.

Some brides decide to carry a bouquet of other significant thing for her, such as rice stalks or small branches of a special plant. Here is more information on the Flowers Symbolism.

Just to add, I didn't want to give away my bridal bouquet during the bouquet toss so what I did was I created a mock bridal bouquet (smaller than my original bouquet) and used it for the bridal toss. Oh, and my bridal toss was not the usual gathering all single ladies and standing at the bride's back thingy---I created a fun game for the single ladies and whoever won got the mock bouquet and paired with the winning single guy. Fun fun fun!

The Veil and the Bridesmaids

The purpose of the bride wearing a veil dates back to when people believed evil spirits were around to try and ruin the wedding ceremony. The bride wore a veil to cover her face so evil spirits would not know she was the bride. Likewise, bridesmaid were made part of the ceremony to surround the bride, so evil spirits would be confused about who the actual bride was, and leave. Many couples today still honor these customs, but use the veil to hide the bride's face until it is first revealed to her groom. The bridesmaids are chosen to help the bride celebrate her happy day. This is also true for the ushers to celebrate with the groom.

(long veils or short veils? It doesn't matter as long as it's your preference)

Bridesmaid Dress Color

The bride can choose what color that the bridesmaids will wear. The color usually coordinates with the other themes of the wedding, such as similar to the color of the flowers chosen. The bride should also think what color flatters the bridesmaids. These days, it is customary for the bride to decide what color and fabric the bridesmaids will wear, and the bridesmaid will then choose the most flattering style for herself. Some brides choose the other way around, they choose what style the bridesmaids will wear, and the bridesmaids wear different colors of the same style dress. More on American Color Symbolism.


 Putting on the Ring - Wedding Coloring Page, Picture, ColourRings, because of its circular shape, symbolize eternity, endlessness… thus a never-ending marriage. Rings can be made of gold, platinum and other metals. Some are encrusted with jewels to signify the value of a couple’s love. Some couples have their names or messages engraved on the rings before the wedding. During the wedding ceremony, the Ring Boy (also often called the Ring Bearer) takes the rings up on a pillow so the bride and room can exchange rings.

I know some rich couple who had two sets of wedding rings. The first one were made of silver and a replica of their white gold and main wedding ring. Their reason? If in case the rings got lost during the ceremony, at least it wasn't the real ring. And they actually wear the fake ones everyday so the real ones won't get tainted and scratched.

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