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Friday, May 22, 2009

Flower Girl Hair Styles

Flower girls are naturally beautiful. More so if their hair is styled in such a way to complement and highlight their pretty faces.

The most common flower girl hair styles are listed below. Try the different styles before your little girl showers the wedding aisle. Let her choose what hair style adds to her feeling pretty.

A good rule of thumb for that final choice is that the hair style is comfortable for your little flower girl, but the hair style is sturdy enough to stay in place before the wedding starts, up to the time you arrive home later.

Basic Hairstyles for Flower Girl:
  • Swept back away from the face with a pretty headband. Headbands can be blingy or matches the theme of the wedding.
  • Pig tails. Comfy and practical especially for smaller flower girls.
  • Pony tail. Near the top of the top of the head, can be curled after hair is tied up. Can also be tied low, near the nape for a more formal look.
  • Bun. Buns are always formal and beautiful. Can be swept up at the top of the head, or at the back. Two buns at either side of the head can also be cute.
  • Curled and let loose. Hold hair away from the face with barrettes or pins and let those curls bounce.
  • Straight and loose. Just put some hair product to make it stay in place, away from the face. Better for bigger girls as smaller girls may look washed out towards the latter part of the wedding celebrations. Add some hair accessories.
  • Braids. French braids look more formal but other braids are still pretty.
  • Sculpted. Some hair stylists are more creative and may put some decorative twists and turns and miniature buns in your little flower girl's hair, combined with the other basic hair styles listed above.
Pretty Hair Accessories for your Flower Girl:

After your basic hair do, accessories are a must. Yes, a must. It's a girl and woman thing. Flower girls, their moms and the bride will agree yes, it's a must to further beautify the hair.
  • Flowers. Can be entwined, pinned or attached to the headbands.
  • Ribbons. Usually matches the wedding theme or the flowers' theme.
  • Clips and barrettes, usually with faux pearl or stones, or even flowers
  • Coronets are always pretty. Either of flowers or with faux stones.
  • Tiaras can also be used, if it matches the theme, why not?
  • Glitter. Just not too much, spritzed in tasteful amounts.
  • Hats are great if these match the wedding theme and the season.
  • Faux stones, etc. At a wedding I attended, the hair stylist rummaged through the spare (faux) bling for the entourage, broke a necklace apart and threaded it through the bride's mother's hair. Nicely done too.
On the wedding day, bring a lot of spare bobby pins for your flower girl's hair. It's always better to be prepared and have her comfortable, than fidgety and miserable because of hair gone astray.

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