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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chinese Wedding coloring pages

For those who like sharing the different kinds of cultures to their kids, maybe you can share how interesting Chinese weddings are.

Everything is elaborate, the rituals, the clothes, so it'd be interesting for your child to also learn about it.

EliteDresses has propped up a coloring room devoted entirely to weddings, but we've also included a section on Chinese weddings.

Some coloring pictures include:
- Consulting the fortune teller for the perfect date to marry, based on the couple's birthday

- Bearing of gifts by the groom's family

- Bride and groom in Chinese wedding dress. I like the interesting comment on picture-taking.

- And more!

Here's a sample coloring picture:

Just hop on over to our Chinese wedding coloring pictures section, print, gather those crayons, and color away with your child.

Have fun!

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