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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day lingers...

The spirit of Mother's Day celebration still hungs in the air so I would like to talk about a mother and a daughter's bonding. Does this exist even before the child was born? How about adoptive mothers, how does the bonding between her and the child happen? These are just a few of the questions I have in mind. If you have your own opinion please enlighten me as I am also a first time Mom and would gladly accept any insight.

I am speaking solely from my own experience and based on some of my readings as well. When I was still pregnant, I often talked to my baby about the things I do all day, my experiences, my thoughts, and my feelings. Later my baby learned to communicate with me and the people around us by moving inside my womb. In fact, she helped us decide on which name she likes the best.
When she finally came out, I was deeply attached to her to a point that when she's out of my sight for an hour or so, I get depressed-- I know, post partum depression (PPD) is normal and usually lasts 2 weeks but honestly I don't think I had major PPD because my daughter and husband helped me through it.

Now that my daughter's more than a year old, I easily understand her gestures and most of the time, I "feel" her needs even before she can tell me. Isn't that amazing?
Of course, it helped that I'm a hands-on Mom and I see to it that I'm there whenever she needs me. In the same way that she's close to me, my daughter is also close to her Dad. They have a different bond. I guess because she often sees her Dad leave for work and gets excited when she hears him on our front door.

As I've walked through different blogs, I realized that being a mother isn't all about being pregnant, labor and finally delivery of a child. A mother is also someone who saved a child from violence and rejection. A mother is someone who stands by someone else's child and yet willing to move mountains to protect that child. A mother is someone who calls a child her own even their skin color differs.

Different strokes for different folks.


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