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Monday, June 1, 2009

Children's Day in China today

June 1 is Children's Day in China. Kids have programs, wear their Chinese dresses and generally have fun on this day.

Shops in China also give away free stuff for the children to enjoy on this day.

EliteDresses gives free stuff away all year round for kids, not just during Children's Day.

Kids will like the free, printable coloring pictures of a girls Chinese dress, or girls ao dai, for those interested in Vietnamese themed pictures. There are also lots of flower girl pictures that your child will enjoy coloring. If your child wants to see more Chinese culture coloring pictures, our sister company ChildBook has more free interesting stuff besides coloring pictures.

Here are some sample pictures:

Even if Children's Day is a Chinese holiday, celebrate it with your kids not only to expand their awareness of other cultures, but also to affirm to them again that they are important and special.

PS. if you want other mini-celebrations/ excuses to have fun for the day, it's also Donut day and Oscar the Grouch's birthday. I hope they know Oscar the Grouch. My 10 year old niece doesn't anymore. Sigh.

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