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Friday, June 12, 2009

The Wedding Month Everyone!

Eversince we've known June to be the wedding month but don't you agree that Wedding season is every month? I mean there are couples getting hitched every month and all for different reasons. In fact, many of the wedding suppliers would agree that December is the most busiest month for them.

Anyway, as it is June and for the sake of conformity, let's share wedding tips and tricks :)

I've come to notice that some weddings have little flower girls carry a bouquet instead of the usual basket and shower of flowers. I think they look cute. But the flower must complement the flower girl's dress because no matter how expensive and pretty the dress is, it'll look nothing beside an uncomplementing flower.

The trend now is using vibrant colors for wedding flowers. It doesn't matter what kind of flower--expensive or ordinary. The more colors we see, the better. That's why most flower girl dresses are in single color because it will blend more with beautiful flowers both as bouquet and as hairpieces. But I'm not saying you stick with creams and satins--try other colors such as blue, pink, burgundy. Especially when your wedding is on a summer season.

Lastly, when you choose your flower girl dresses, choose something that the little girl could still wear on different occasions. It'll be practical and perhaps will thank you for it. :) Or if you're a mom and you are buying your little girl's dress for a wedding, buy something that your daughter would still use even after a single event. Maximize your dollar power- who doesn't need to with this kind of economy, right?

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