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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Wedding Vows

Wedding is one of the most emotionally charged occasion that families and friends share together.
And on every wedding, a wedding vow is one of the highlights. It is the couple's solemn promise to each other. The very essence of the ceremony. The wedding vow depends on the couples beliefs, religion, and sometimes the officiant. Some would require liturgical vows and others leave the couple freedom to make their own non-traditional vows.

To say the traditional vows or make your own?

Personally, my husband and I made our own vows. We kept it from each other until the "moment" we had to say it aloud :). It was just like affirming how much the marriage meant to us. For us it felt that through personal vows we were able to say what was truly in our hearts and promise what is truly in our minds. But then again, that was just us.

There are couples who would rather say the traditional wedding vow for a more solemn ceremony. It is basically the couples' choice and I think they should be allowed to do what ever they chooses.

There are different kinds of traditional wedding vows and I will show you some on my next post :)

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