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Friday, July 17, 2009

Potter Fever

I'm sure by this time you have gone to the nearest theatre to watch Harry and his friends because the moment it was NOW SHOWING, your kids dragged you to watch it. I'm also sure you have stories to share about your recent Potter experience. And I am so jealous! I have yet to watch it because I was really tied up. I have work by day and hands-on Mom by night so I really have no time. My daughter's 1.6 years old and only have her eyes on Dora and Barney plus she's not yet allowed at theatres. I am hoping that I get to watch it next week with my co-EliteDresser, Kat.

Instead I'm going to talk about a little trivia on Hermione's Yule ball dress. According to an insider (probably a rumor), the yule ball dress is worth $25,000! The fabric was from France and it was made of very fine and expensive chiffon cloth. It was so delicate that the fabric breaks easily. I'm no expert on expensive fabrics but are they really like that? You spend $$$ on something that will rip easily?Whew!
Anyway, Emma (Hermione) had to walk with utmost care with the party dress on and they kept 4 reserves of that dress on the set just in case it rips.
Some sewers and designers tried to imitate the dress but failed because according to them, it takes time and a lot of effort to copy it perfectly.
Well it only shows that the Harry Potter designer who did the Yule ball dress deserves a round of applause.

Still, I will not spend $25,000 on a dress that breaks easily! I'm sure you won't either.
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