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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Black on Weddings

For so long, the color black has been a no-no for Church weddings. Well at least on our part of the world it is. Even to this day, many brides prefer not to have black on their wedding day. For them it's a sign of bad luck and the color has too much sad aura.
But as I look on photos of friends and relatives who were married in the US, Europe, Australia and some part of Asia, I've seen the emergence of black--black flowergirl dress, black accessories, black and white motiff and so much more! Black starts to look good and cool on wedding scenarios and slowly it is gaining popularity.

How about you, did you use black as part of your wedding colors? Did you ask your guests not to wear black? (I knew some couples who did this.)

We all believe on different things but we all agree on one thing-- A bride's dream on her wedding day is of highest priority. Whatever the bride wants, the bride should get. Agree?

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