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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cold Feet?

Are you really having one?--- pre wedding jitters as some call it. If you feel it's really cold feet, stop whatever you're doing (wedding preps and all that) and relax. Take a deep breath and assess your feelings. You know this feeling could make or break your marriage so it's important that you give meaning to your feelings.

Are these feelings related to something you've recently discovered about your future husband that's making you queasy? (or some other serious problems arising before the wedding?)

Are these feelings related to that looming dread you feel about the entire wedding? This could not be a good sign, right? Decide and choose. Don't be afraid to call the wedding off or don't be afraid to hurt your fiancee's feelings because if you push through with it (with unsure feelings) at some point you'll hurt both of you more.

But~ these feelings are not all negative...not at all!

If you're feeling tired, restless but still excited.. you're a certified jittery bride-to-be :)
Relax and step back from your wedding planning. Don't expect things to go smoothly and perfectly on your big day. If it does, that would be a boring wedding story to tell, wouldn't it?

Just feel the moment, savor the last days of being single and of course sleep well a day before the wedding. Look radiant! :)

Cold Feet:


To 'get cold feet' is to become disheartened or timid, losing one's previous enthusiasm or courage. (credits: http://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/cold-feet.html)

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