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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Martial arts Heroines Costume Checklist

I've been watching Old Jacky Chan movies, the ones from the 1970s and 80s, and the setting is always in old China.

I can't help but also admire the heroine's (Jackie Chan's love interest's) costumes. The love interest is always in a Cheungsam pants set and I noticed the beautiful embroidery exquisitely done. How else will she be able to fly through the air to kick b*tt? But then again, nothing's impossible with the classic Chinese movie.

Martial arts heroines costume checklist:

__ Beautiful Cheungsam pants set
__ Straw hat
__ Long hair in 2 braids
__ Cute kung fu shoes (not the black mary jane types, the REAL kung fu shoe)
__ Props, like a staff or a fan. You know, the ones that look like non-weapons but can be used to defend oneself? Remember Disney Mulan's fan? Classy use of prop for self-defense.

Then again, there are movies now where the heroine whooshes through the air in intricately embroidered Tang Dynasty dress.

But if you want your little princess to be a Kung Fu action star for a day, the cheung sam pants set is my vote.

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