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Friday, September 18, 2009

Spammy Emails No! No!

Don't you just hate receiving lottery winning notifications, your email address won, inheritance from someone from South Africa or Nigeria, etc etc...I get at least 5 of those everyday. If at least one of them were true, I would be the richest Mommy in the whole universe! Imagine winning millions of $$$$ everyday! I wish!

Back to reality, it's becoming tiring and not to mention, it adds up to your junk. That is why when EliteDresses started offering free newsletter subscription, I made sure it's informative and comes out once a week except when there's special occasions. I do not want to come across as spammy.
EliteDresses' newsletter aims to provide parents what's in store for them this week.

Plus it's our way of getting closer with our clients. We don't want to be pure business, we also want to know more about the customers. Because through this, we are able to serve you better since we know what you want and what you do not.

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