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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Proper Qi Pao/ Cheongsam care

Good quality Qi Paos/ Cheongsam are usually made of delicate fabrics. It’s so delicate that when fabrics come in contact with sharp objects or rough surface, it could wear the fine weave of the threads. Generally, you should avoid stains dropping on your Qi pao as it is difficult to remove. It is also advisable no to roll the sleeves of your Qi Pao because it will cause damage such as stretching and creasing of the fabric.

Washing your Qi pao or Cheongsam

Cheongsam/Qi Pao should be hand washed or through a dry cleaner. Between the two, dry cleaning is recommended because laundry detergents could be harsh to the fabric. It goes without saying that bleach should never be used with your Qi pao or Cheongsam.

When hand washed, hang dry before storing.


Do not iron the fabric directly. Use a white cloth over the Chinese dress when ironing to avoid colour changes especially if the colour is rich and vibrant.

Proper storage

Qi pao/ Cheongsam should be hung and stored in the clothes rack. If you’re planning to stow it for a long time, never fold it.

Mothballs could be used to prevent bugs from crawling through the dress but note that there are mothball varieties that causes yellowing of the fabrics when in contact.

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