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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Han Clothing Essentials

I've always been interested in what comprises the elegant Han clothing. Though it seems there are a lot of parts, it is undoubtedly very beautiful.

Thanks to chinese-tools.com for this:

The Han Chinese clothing or Hanfu is also called Hanzhuang, Huafu, or guzhuang.

A complete Hanfu garment is assembled from several pieces of clothing into an attire:

Yi (衣): Any open cross-collar garment, and worn by both sexes
Pao (袍): Any closed full-body garment, worn only by men in Hanfu
Ru (襦): Open cross-collar shirt
Shan (衫): Open cross-collar shirt or jacket that is worn over the yi
Qun (裙) or shang (裳): Skirt for women and men, respectively
Ku (褲): Trousers or pants
People are also able to accessorize with tassels and jade pendants or various ornaments hung from the belt or sash, known as pei (珮).

Shenyi (深衣) a type of Han Chinese clothing commonly worn from the pre-Shang periods to the Han Dynasty. This form is known as the quju (曲裾) and worn primarily by women (below).

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