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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

On too much cartoons

My daughter loves Dora and Barney. I tried introducing Mickey Mouse and friends but she seems to like Dora and Barney better. She's not into plush toys and dolls, she prefers to play with things she sees everyday (or the things she sees I use) like kitchen sets. She never goes to school without her Dora stroller bag. She knows most of the Dora and Barney songs! In fact, I'm just waiting for the time that my eardrums would pop because of too much Dora and Barney :)

So I wonder if these things are okay? Because when I was little, I didn't have too much interest on cartoon characters. I get paranoid when I read horrible stories about Barney. But you know, I believe that a child will grow well with proper guidance.

Speaking of Dora, I wanted to dress my daughter for the Moon Festival Celebration on October 3rd. But she wants to wear a Chinese dress with Dora prints! Uh-oh.

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