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Monday, October 19, 2009

Boys' Halloween Costume Idea: Monkey King

Everybody loves Monkey King's (also called Sun Wukong) kooky, naughty and brave antics. He also has a lot of cool Kung Fu moves that boys may want to imitate for Halloween

Ask your little boy if he wants to be Monkey King on halloween. If he says yes, then it's time to pull out the creative mommy skills and put together a costume similar to monkey king's.

  • You will need a boy's Chinese costume set.
  • A red scarf for tying on the shoulders, knot at the neckline.
  • If you can find an animal print scarf in your closet, wrap around your little boys hips like a skirt. (This is part of his "armor")
  • Secure scarf at the waist with a plain sash or cloth belt.
  • If you can get a monkey mask, that'd be great. If you are artistically inclined and are comfortable applying face makeup/ crayons , then make a monkey face on your little boy. For younger boys, I guess masks are more "fool proof" to use because the makeup can be erased away with a sleight of hand on the face.
  • For the crown, you can make a band he can wear on his head.
  • Look for a safe stick that he can used as Monkey King's magical rod (his magic staff is called "jungibang"). If you can get something soft and sturdy, the better. When boys congregate in one spot on halloween they can get carried away and use their weapons. So might as well look for something safe.
(If you're up to it, you can also add/ make coordinating wrist bands and shoulder pads to complete his Chinese armor set.)

Have fun on halloween!

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