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Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Chinese Cheungsam Really Looks Great on Different Women

Last time, I went to my child's school and saw that the women faculty were wearing new uniform blouses.  The blouse was in Cheung sam style in beautiful yet sturdy fabric.  The sewing also looked great.

I have to say regardless the size and shape of the teacher, the style is flattering for all.  The slender teachers looked great, and the curvier teachers looked just as nice.  Tummies are tucked in and bulges are not seen. 

Very nice.  So now I understand why this style was chosen to represent Chinese women.

We don't have the bigger sizes, but now I want one for myself too.

We have cheung sams for your little girls.  Choose from the skirt or pants set in different colors.  Visit our Cheung sam page to see photos of the dresses. 

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