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Thursday, January 7, 2010

How to Enjoy Weekends with Your Daughter

Weekends are great. Well, friends, it’s almost a weekend again and we all know how fun it gets. Guess what? Your daughter loves weekends too! And she looks forward to having fun moments with you. Busy working moms (like me) need to remember how important it is to spend quality time with our little girls. I constantly remind myself to set aside work to make myself available to her. Weekends are truly a great time to bond with her.

Make weekends memorable by doing fun activities with her. Sometimes you have to let her direct your weekends by what she wants (spoil her a little!). For a change, let her choose a dress for you when you go shopping together or let her pick her own Chinese girl dress herself when you shop here at Elitedresses. (Chinese New Year is around the corner again!!!) You can also enjoy some out-door fun games. Read books to her, learn a new song together, or simply watch fun family movies with her. Whatever it is, have fun!

Your little princess constantly needs assurance that though you keep a busy schedule, she will always come first. Express your love for her by being around her more and making her Saturday and Sundays exciting and special. She’ll greatly appreciate it.

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