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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chinese New Year is coming!

If there's yet another much awaited worldwide celebration, it is the Chinese New Year. Even non-Chinese families are delighted with the celebration because of the interesting traditions and practices. Who can resist watching the famous Dragon Dance which believes to give good luck to a business when performed outside the store. The grandness of the Dragon fireworks that keeps us all at awe has meaning as well, it is used to ward off bad spirits. And of course the sumptuous food prepared for everyone.

Once my daughter was asked to participate in a short role in a Chinese stage play held in our Chinese community. They all wore pretty Qi Paos and they were all beautiful. I wish I could post some photos but my daughter will surely throw a fit when she sees herself in my blog.

Anyway, now that she's older, she helps me with the decorations, food preparations and yes sometimes cleaning up after the party. I don't know yet where we are celebrating the Chinese New Year but I'm excited :)

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