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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Holiday Dress Care

Need advice on how to properly clean and store your little angel’s elegant party dress?

The holidays maybe over for now, but the happy memories of your little darling in her beautiful dress don’t have to end. When you store your daughter’s dress, you get to keep not only the dress she wore during the holidays, but also the precious moments worth remembering each day. By treating your daughter’s holiday dress its best, you ensure that it’ll last longer.

Special girl holiday dresses need special care. If you know Hand Washing 101, then you’re good to go. But if you think you can’t handle the drama, read on.


Simply check the care label found on the dress. Following simple washing instructions can save you headaches. Look for stains and treat them immediately. Look for loose buttons too. Hand washing or dry cleaning? I believe it’s much better to wash it by hand in a neutral detergent. I don’t recommend having the dress dry cleaned because there’s a chance your daughter’s dress might end up looking a bit yellowed.


Make sure to keep the dress in a cool, clean place. It’s best to press the dress before hanging it in the wardrobe. Avoid storing it in hot and/or damp places.

Taking these simple steps can surely save your daughter’s dress from damaging. The same thing works for storing beautiful Chinese girl dress and first communion dresses too.

One of our elegant first communion dresses:

Girl's White Organza and Satin formal dress
Girl's beautiful Off White Organza and Satin formal dress with accents at waist and shoulder
List Price: $48.00
Our Price: $29.99
You save $18.01!

The dress features White satin top and White chiffon skirts. White chiffon ribbon in back to create a beautiful bow. Two layers of skirts: White chiffon over White satin. Accents include three removable white flowers at waist and a removable flower on shoulder. Flowers at waist are accented with a narrow sage and cream colored ribbons creating a bow with streamers.

Recommended dress for Chinese Year Year:

Girl's Red QiPao Chinese Dress Traditional  qi pao
Girl's Red Traditional Chinese QiPao Dress
List Price: $29.99
Our Price: $19.99
Sale Price: $9.99
You save $20.00!
Product Rating
4.6 stars
(16 Ratings)

Girl's beautiful red traditional Chinese dress (QiPao or qi pao). Red is symbolic of good luck, vitality, and the New Year in the Chinese Culture! Gold brocaded Red Cloth of bamboo and plum leaves are symbolic of longevity.

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