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Sunday, February 14, 2010

All about Shoes and Sandals

Looking for a nice pair of shoes to complement your daughter's dress?

When you buy a pair of shoes for your little girl, you must always have her comfort in mind. Your little girl in heels? Not talking about crib booties here...I think all women look great in heels, high or low. Heels make you look like you got legs up to your neck. But little girls in heels? I feel It's wrong on many levels, so I veto that. Yes, they do add style, appeal, and all the drama a WOMAN wants. But I'm not at all comfortable imagining my little girl in those hurtful heels!

I've recently read something about adjustable shoes for the ladies. Wow, I mean those shoes can transition from high-to-low positions within seconds! Now that's a smart buy for us and so how I wish I could find shoes like that for my little girl.

Hmmm, now how about sassy sandals to go with a girl holiday dress? Sandal are super comfy.
And they're still best-sellers to me. My daughter can go anywhere in them and still look cute. These days sandals can practically be worn to any indoor or outdoor event.There are so many types of sandals to choose from nowadays. Chappal, hemp sandals, thong sandals, geta sandals( Japanese sandals that look great with girls Chinese dress) gladiator sandals, and saltwater
sandals are just some of the many types of sandals you can get for your child.

In one of my old posts, I talked about how extremely comfortable flats are. Flats can surely complement your daughter's First communion dress. I've seen so many little girls wear them to churches and I think they really look great.

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