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Thursday, February 11, 2010

When should girls start wearing make up?

As a mother, do you decide when your child should be allowed to start wearing make up? My daughter personally doesn't like wearing one (jump for joy!). On school programs where we are invited to attend, I see half of her batch mates wearing different kinds of make up.

I guess this question never really occurred to me because I didn't encounter it with my daughter (yet?). But nevertheless, I want to ask it and present it as it is a reality. It is what most Moms encounter with their daughters.

I noticed that there are girls as young as 7 who wear make up just because they want to. And like my own daughter, there are also others like her who doesn't like wearing them. We all have our own age preference. Some Moms I talked to is okay with their child wearing it even at 7. Others think that kids under 10 wearing make up is inappropriate. For me, my daughter can start wearing make up when she's old enough to buy her own set. If not, she can use mine on special occasions but that's it.

It really boils down to, what you and your daughter can compromise. She can wear make up on special occasions and on ordinary days as long as she doesn't over do it, right? I've seen emo kids wearing black inspired make up and I can't stop myself but cringe when I look at them.

So Moms, it's your responsibility to guide your daughters on putting the right amount of make up. Make it fun and it'll be a great bonding moment.

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