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Monday, February 22, 2010

Little Miss Fashionistas/Bloggers

I read this article from Wall Street Journal and I'm just appalled on how kids are growing up these days! I'm all for teaching kids fashion and all that but with much care please!

A slice from the article: "Some of them are tall and some of them are short," Ms. Barba said.
A statement from a Mom who brought her 6 year old daughter to a fashion show in an attempt to teach her about the fashion world. Let me just say that I think Ms. Barba could have added, some are thin and some are not-so-thin. Don't you agree that kids these days are being mislead by the high fashion magazines they read and super thin models they idolize.

Yes it's cute and all that because these kids have their own BLOGS! and yes, kids say the darnest things! but I hope it won't give our kids a bad notion.

Read the article, The Little Fashionistas
and tell me what you think.

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