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Saturday, February 20, 2010

First Communion, The Orthodox Way

First communion is a religious ceremony commonly associated with the Roman Catholic Church, but how about the other religious groups, say the Orthodox Churches?Do they have First Communion? If so, how do they practice it?

Both Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Church hold Eucharistic service, but practice Communion differently. The Roman Catholic Church traditionally separates Baptism from First Communion. In practice, the Catholic Church baptizes the child as a way to welcome it to the Holy family of God. Only when the child has reached the age of reason and has successfully met all Church requirements will then the child be allowed to First Communion.

The Eastern Orthodox Church practices communion differently. The Eastern Orthodox Church links Baptism, Chrismation (Confirmation) and Holy Communion. They practice them all at the same time! Very interesting, right? Children receive Chrismation (Confirmation) at Baptism. Parents carry their infants to the chalice to receive Holy Communion. Then the children receive communion from the chalice with a spoon called a "cochlear". During Communion, the bread and wine are mixed in the chalice. The spoon contains a small piece of the prosfir, Holy Bread, soaked in wine. Children may receive communion without confession or fasting until the age of reason. They are encouraged to commune at every opportunity.

Here's the video.

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