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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Classic Curly Bun

Choosing the perfect hairstyle to go with your daughter's First Communion dress can be exciting and on some levels, challenging! But armed with a blower in one hand, you can do magic! Especially if you're not making any plans to set your daughter for a hair appointment with a stylist.

Finding a hairstyle that suits her is easy. If money is not an object fo you, then you can choose to take the easy road: pick up the phone and make that hair appointment with the stylist. But if you're just like me, regular a do-it-all mom, then you already know the wisdom behind styling your daughter's hair yourself. With enough time to practice, you can certainly get the look you want for your daughter.

Here’s one First Communion hairstyle for you. Girls with medium to long hair can try this easy but elegant updo. Hope you find this post helpful and easy to follow.

· Wash your daughter’s hair. Then moisturize it with a hair cream while it’s wet.

· Split the hair in two sections to make two nice ponytails. Remember to be gentle as you pull the hair back.

· Use a curling iron or hot rollers to curl out all the ends of the ponytails, taking small sections and twisting them.

· Secure the hair curls by using hair pin and bobby pins around the base of the ponytail. Check the top, bottoms and sides.

· Use a hairspray to hold the bun in place.

· Finish up by adding Faux flowers.

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