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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Girl Scouts Celebrate Chinese New Year too!

Three salutes for Girl Scouts who continually celebrate the cultural heritage that their troops have. Just last month they celebrated with the world during the Chinese New Year. How did I know about it? I have a couple of Girl Scout customers who bought their Chinese dresses from me and told me about their celebration. Sorry I posted late about it, I was digging through my email and I found their emails. I was told that they sang too during the Girl Scout Chinese New Year celebration but I can't seem to find the video from youtube.

Anyway, it's through these occasions that kids are reconnected to their heritage which is easily lost on the everyday modernization that they encounter. It's also a great chance to learn new things on different cultures and seeing how everyone is unique yet together, makes a great community.

Here's a link to an interview of three Girl Scouts about Chinese New Year and how it applies to their lives.

I wonder if Girl Scouts also celebrate Tet (Vietnamese) New Year?
It would be great to read about it and see how they celebrate it.

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