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Monday, March 1, 2010

How to Make an Easter Necklace

My daughter loves Easter crafts and I love the fact that she likes to create them with me.

Here’s one pretty Easter project we did last year. I think this can go well with girls Easter dresses. Anyways, creating this easy-to-make Easter necklace is a nice way to spend time with your little angel. Follow these few easy steps and enjoy!

Crafts Materials Needed:

Beading wire
2 crimp tubes, silver
6mm yellow beads
1 fishhook clasp, silver

  1. Using wire cutters cut about 18 inches of beading wire.
  2. Using the last 5 inches of one end of the wire, string one crimp tube and one half of the fishhook clasp.
  3. String on the yellow beads.
  4. Attach the other crimp tube to the other end of the wire and then the second half of the fishhook clasp.
  5. Don’t forget to cut off any excess wire.

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