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Monday, April 12, 2010

Hair Care Tips for Your Daughter

Teaching our little girls proper hair care is a great way to pass on our mommy hair tips. Let’s face it, we won’t always be there for our daughter's hair emergencies, right?


Washing- Always use a mild shampoo that has the no tears formula. If your daughter is much too young, you may want to wait till she’s older or when she has longer hair before you use conditioner on her hair.

Brushing- Don’t use combs and brushes that have thin close teeth. Use a wide tooth comb as much as possible. Don’t use a brush on wet hair. Now what do you think about brushing hair 100 strokes before bedtime? Hmmm. It's just a myth. Brushing hair excessively will only damage hair, so don't try that unless you want to over stimulate her scalp. This can actually leave hair very greasy.

Tangles- Don’t pull the comb through a tangle. Try applying some comb-in creme to loosen it. You can also use your fingers to separate the tangle. An easy way to avoid hair tangling is to keep hair neatly tied back. This also saves time and effort.

Hair cuts-If your little angel is not comfortable or is afraid of the hairdresser's, then you should try cutting her hair at home. Believe me it’s FUN! If she has thin hair, avoid short cuts for now until her hair is thicker.

Accessories- Choose good quality hair accessories like clips, hair bands and hair ties that go well with her flower girls dresses or girls holiday dresses. Don’t buy the super cheap ones because they might break easily. There are also many pretty clips out there and most of them have sharp teeth that can damage hair. As much as possible avoid using them as they can also hurt your child’s scalp.

Remember: No matter how much you love to comb or to style your daughter’s hair, encourage her to take care of it herself. I bet she’ll have fun learning hair tips from you, not to mention a lifetime of healthy hair for her too.

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