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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Afternoon Tea Party Dress Up

One of the most fun things your daughter can enjoy this season is a summer interlude—an afternoon Tea Party Dress up especially for her.  Throwing one is easy. This would make a great theme for birthday celebrations too.  Simply ask guests to come dressed in their Sunday best or favorite girls party dress. And please don’t worry about matching teacups and saucers—unique cups are just as nice to use. You can even request kids to bring their favorite cups if they like! The idea is to serve the best food and drinks and for your daughter to have fun with all her young guests :-)

Here are some ideas to help you with your afternoon Tea Party Dress up.


Prepare sweet treats like sugar cookies and chocolate cookies. You can also serve finger sandwiches. Don’t forget to serve refreshing drinks like lemonade or Iced tea.

To help create the party mood, use pastel-colored balloons and just hang them from the ceiling above the table area. You can also use plastic teapots and cups with handles. Pink and white ribbons and streamers are also good to use. For table accents, use flower bouquets, baskets with books and fancy napkins. Chairs can also be decorated by simply covering them with curtains or drapes. Impress your guest by using your most elegant tableware too.

Games are great boredom busters, so be sure to consider how much space you have for the Tea Party Dress Up.  Plan activities and games days or even weeks ahead.  Some popular Tea Party Dress Up games include dress-up, make-up and hairdos, guessing games, coin toss (into tea cups) and other parlor games. Little girls will also enjoy activities like baking cookies for the tea party, hat making and other fun kids crafts. You can also print out our free coloring pages to keep them busy.

Fun Favors
Complete the fun by giving guests party favors as souvenirs. Girly accessories like bead hair clips and ribbons are great giveaways. Other popular fun favors include lip balms, stickers, and stuffed toys.

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