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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Go Green with a Shrek-Themed Wedding

I'm sure you've heard about green homes, green cars, green cleaning products, green furniture, green ogres, green weddings. Wait, wait...Yep...Green ogres, check. Well it seems like green is everywhere these days. More and more people are going green :-) And by "going green" I don't just mean "environmental" or "organic," but also "fairy tale."

Green ogres were what Tracey and Vivian William wanted to look like on their wedding day. And it was a dream come true for them. The Shrek themed wedding was a success! The Welsh couple opted to go green on their wedding day when friends told them that they resembled Shrek and Fiona.Wow! Some people really know how to live out their fantasies. Hope they live happy ever after :-)

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