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Monday, May 24, 2010

Monitoring Girls' Online Networking?

Saw this article and you might be interested to see some statistics about how young people are taking to the internet.


We have all been thinking of monitoring their TV use and the messages they get from beauty magazines, but it turns out there is another medium we have to look out for: social networking,  especially FaceBook.

A big percent of 8-15 year olds say that Facebook is one of the top 3 most important things to them.

However, unlike TV, where we nosy adults can come and sit beside them and watch with them, using the computer is one-is-to-one.

Well, I think we shouldn't be snooping about our girls' affairs, but they should still be oriented about the proper use of the net, what to believe in, what to reject.  Maybe it's all about teaching our kids to be critical thinkers, perhaps?  That whatever they see, they should read more about it or ask the adults if there are issues they don't fully understand.  For us adults, since we can't stick our noses into their internet use all the time, we should send the message that we are open to their questions, or that if they find anything nice or fun in the net, they can share it with us anytime.  

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