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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

How to Choose Your Summer Wedding Colors

Summer is the most popular time for couples to tie the knot. Those going for a June wedding know very well how to enjoy the most colorful season of the year :-)

Choosing a color scheme for the wedding is one of the first things a bride must to do--not an overwhelming task, just super crucial! LOL. Well, simply look around and voila! Instant inspiration from mother nature! Yellow (gold works too) reflect the brilliance of the sun, while shades of blue represent the vast sky and the sea. Shades of red, purple and green represent flowers and new beginnings. White represents the intangibles: purity, loyalty, and other wholesome concepts. These colors all work well for summer weddings. Another nice accent to a summer wedding theme is the use of black. Adding black to a wedding color scheme may seem less conventional but it's surely catching on! How do I know? I get many orders for black flower girl dresses :-)

These colors all work well for summer weddings. Just remember, whatever wedding color theme you choose, be sure to weave it into the bridesmaid dresses,  flower girl dresses, the wedding cake, the invitations and of course the flowers!

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